Pratt Job Opportunities
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Location Grid
State Site Number of
Positions Available
Alabama Bessemer Corrugated Logistics 1
California Lathrop 2
California Oceanside 1
California Retail Specialties Stockton 1
Georgia Albany 1
Georgia Atlanta 1
Georgia Conyers Corrugated Logistics 1
Georgia Conyers Corrugator 9
Georgia Conyers Mill 1
Georgia Corporate 1
Georgia Pratt Recycle Columbus 1
Georgia Pratt Recycle Conyers 8
Georgia Pratt Specialty Sheets 4
Georgia Retail Specialties Atlanta 4
Georgia Retail Specialties Conyers 3
Indiana Valparaiso Box Plant 1
Indiana Valparaiso Corrugated Logistics 2
Indiana Valparaiso Paper Mill 1
Kansas Wichita 4
Kansas Wichita Corrugated Logistics 3
Kentucky Pratt Displays Hebron 6
Kentucky Pratt Displays Walton 5
Louisiana Hammond 4
Michigan Livonia Corrugated Logistics 1
Mississippi Jackson 2
Missouri Kansas City 5
Nebraska Lincoln 4
New Jersey Retail Specialties Dayton 2
New York NY Box Plant 2
New York Visy Recycle NE 1
North Carolina Pratt Displays Whitsett 4
North Carolina Pratt Recycle Fayetteville 3
North Carolina Pratt Recycle Raleigh 1
North Carolina Pratt Recycle Winston Salem 1
North Carolina Statesville 6
North Carolina Statesville Corrugated Logistics 1
Ohio Lewisburg Corrugated Logistics 1
Ohio Lewisburg Corrugator 12
Ohio Pratt Recycle Wapakoneta 2
Ohio Retail Specialties Dayton 3
Ohio Retail Specialties Wapakoneta 13
Ohio Springfield 24
Ohio Wapakoneta Corrugator 5
Ohio Wapakoneta Mill Corrugated Logistics 2
Ohio Wapakoneta Paper Mill 3
Oklahoma Oklahoma City 6
Oklahoma Tulsa 1
Pennsylvania Allentown Corrugated Logistics 1
Pennsylvania Impress 1
Pennsylvania Pratt Displays Reading 1
Pennsylvania Retail Specialties Allentown 1
Pennsylvania Retail Specialties East Greenville 3
South Carolina Pratt Recycle Columbia 1
South Carolina Pratt Recycle Duncan 1
South Carolina Pratt Recycle Rock Hill 4
Tennessee Humboldt 3
Tennessee Memphis 3
Tennessee Pratt Recycle Nashville 1
Tennessee Triad-Bristol 1
Texas Dallas 10
Texas Fort Worth 17
Texas Fort Worth Corrugated Logistics 1
Texas Houston 3
Texas Pratt Recycle Houston 6
Texas Retail Specialties Dallas 3
Texas Rockwall 6
Texas Rockwall Corrugated Logistics 1
Texas San Antonio 2
Virginia Richmond Corrugated Logistics 1
Wisconsin Beloit Corrugated Logistics 1

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